IASTM Tools. 4 Piece Set. Price Includes Shipping  (U.S.)
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Quickly treat restricted muscles due to adhesions and scar tissue.  Works great with massage cream or ultrasound gel.  Can be used for both people and horses.  Perfect for practitioners who do muscle work.


Special limited time price of $320.00  Price includes shipping (U.S. addresses).  Regular price resumes October 15th, 2017.


The highest quality, and the most affordable Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) tools you can buy. Four nicely weighted stainless steel tools, with edges and shapes to treat the various body contours. Comes with a great professional carrying case.  Regular price for these tools is $475 plus $25.00 shipping.  Similar tools from other companies can cost well over a thousand dollars.  Why pay more when you don’t get more?  Used by doctors, therapists, equestrians, and athletic trainers worldwide.  If you saw them, you would buy them.  The ultimate professional IASTM tools.

Video demo and much more information on www.myoshark.com


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IASTM Tools. 4 Piece Set. Price Includes Shipping (U.S.)

Price: $320.00
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