Acupuncture Cold Laser. Include horse & dog chiropractic videos.
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Animal use only lasers.  Always consult a licensed veterinarian before buying or using any laser on your pet. This package includes Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C.'s horse and dog chiropractic technique videos on a flash drive.  Same professional chiropractic techniques as in Dr. Kamen's books, The Well Adjusted Horse and The Well Adjusted Dog.  Full spine, legs, tail, hips, pelvis, and jaw.

One of our best sellers.  This is a high quality 650nm/5mW (Red) cold laser used to treat acupuncture points and skin.  The 650nm wavelength is very useful for treating wire cuts on horses as well as reducing pain and inflammation.  A lot of pet/horse owners also use this laser to treat mouth and gum sores.

This laser comes with a packet of treatment formulas, charts (horse, dog, and cat), and a user manual.  Runs on 2 AA Batteries.  The silver laser comes with 2 AA batteries.  The thinner black laser comes with 2 AAA batteries.  This kit also comes with a pair of laser safety goggles that protects for this red wavelength.  Note:  The goggles that come in this package also protects for the blue laser we sell, but this pair of goggles do NOT protect for the infrared 808nm lasers we sell.  Those can be bought separately on this website.  We also sell dog goggles on this website.

The use of proper laser safety glasses is always recommended when you use any laser.  Never direct any laser towards the eye.  Your pet's eyes must be covered if the beam is directed near their face.  Most treatments are skin-to-laser contact which helps prevent any direct eye contact with the beam.

Your choice of the thinner black single diode laser or the silver laser.  Each have the same 650nm wavelength.  Animal owners find it easier to treat mouth and gum sores with the thinner black laser.  We will ship the black laser unless you specify the silver laser.  Both are very high quality and easy to use.





Horse Wound Before And Six Weeks After Cold Laser Therapy

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Acupuncture Cold Laser. Include horse & dog chiropractic videos.

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