Acupuncture Cold Laser With Horse And Dog Chiro-Technique Videos
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Animal use only lasers. Always consult a licensed veterinarian before buying or using any laser on your pet. One of our best sellers. This is a high quality 650nm/5mW (Red) cold laser used to treat acupuncture points and skin. The 650nm wavelength is very useful for treating wire cuts on horses as well as reducing pain and inflammation. This laser comes with a packet of treatment formulas, charts (horse, dog, and cat), and a user manual. Runs on 2 AA Batteries. Laser comes with 2 AA batteries. It also comes with Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C.'s horse and dog chiropractic technique Videos on a flash drive. These videos sell for $59.00 each when bought separately. You save $43.00 with this package. These videos show you how to adjust horses and dogs step-by-step. These are the exact same techniques used by professional animal chiropractors. The use of proper laser safety glasses is always recommended when you use any laser. Never direct any laser towards the eye. Your pet's eyes must be covered if the beam is directed near their face. Most treatments are skin-to-laser contact which helps prevent any direct eye contact with the beam. Laser safety glasses may be bought separately on this website.

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Acupuncture Cold Laser With Horse And Dog Chiro-Technique Videos

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