Blue Antibacterial Laser Kit. Lots of extras.
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Dog wound before and 3 weeks after using our lasers.

Only 50 sets available at this low introductory price. 

For $97.00 plus $15.00 shipping (U.S. orders) you get two lasers, goggles, and my complete set of horse and dog chiropractic technique videos on a thumb drive.

Great for animal sores and wounds. This very low price of $97.00 plus $15.00 shipping, will be in effect until October 21st,2021 or when we sell 100 sets.  A lot for the money.  You get two lasers for this low introductory price; a single diode blue antibacterial laser (405nm/100mW) plus a single diode red laser (650nm/5mW) to treat skin, PLUS a high quality pair of laser safety goggles that protects for both the blue and red lasers sold here. Important: These goggles do NOT protect for our three diode 808nm infrared laser.  Dog goggles are not included in this kit.  These two lasers are real lasers and not LEDs. Read further down for the other extras.  

Click here for video demonstration.

Veterinarians plus pet/horse owners use the blue laser on sores and wounds for its antibacterial effect, followed by the red laser for healing skin.   The price after October 21st, 2021 for this kit will be $179.00, postpaid (U.S. orders only at this price).

Also included, is a user information sheet with treatment protocols, a packet of acupuncture treatment formulas (used with the red laser), horse, dog, and cat acupuncture charts, plus my complete set of horse and dog chiropractic technique videos on a flash drive. These videos demonstrate, step-by-step, the horse and dog chiropractic techniques and evaluations as detailed in my books The Well Adjusted Horse and The Well Adjusted Dog.  Full spine (neck, mid back, low back), pelvis, hips, tail, jaw, and extremity techniques. The horse chiropractic video shows also shows you how to perform the Pre-race-adjusting sequence that can shave fractions off  the time by making your horse more efficient.  Also included is an easy to do canine bladder control technique, and a very effective technique to prevent (not cure) canine hip dysplasia.  These videos alone sell for $56.00.


Government study on the antibacterial effect of blue lasers.


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Blue Antibacterial Laser Kit. Lots of extras.

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