Chiropractic Adjusting Tool + Dog Chiropractic Technique DVD
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Chiropractic Adjusting Tool

Plus Dog Chiropractic Technique DVD

This is the same chiropractic tool used by veterinarians who use chiropractic in their practices.

Prevent Canine Hip Dysplasia 

This high quality adjusting instrument will last for years.  This package also comes with Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C.'s two hour dog adjusting DVD that not only shows you how to perform the Chiropractic Adjusting Tool technique, but also shows you, step-by-step, how to perform 20 other hands-on, non-instrument canine chiropractic moves.  Dr. Kamen is the author of The Well Adjusted Dog--Canine Chiropractic Methods You Can do.  This book has sold over 40,000 copies worldwide.

The Chiropractic Adjusting Tool sequence is the technique veterinarians use to prevent canine hip dysplasia.

You will also learn a great technique for bladder control problems in dogs.

Chiropractic helps to restore normal joint function.  Techniques for neck, back, legs, pelvis, tail, and jaw.

The two YouTube videos below demonstrate the Chirpractic Adjusting Tool technique.


When sold separately, the dog adjusting DVD costs $59.00.  It comes free when you buy this instrument.

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Chiropractic Adjusting Tool + Dog Chiropractic Technique DVD

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