Horse and Dog Chiropractic Videos.  International Orders.
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You get both the horse and dog chiropractic technique videos on a flash drive.

You also get Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C.'s 35 minute Equine Skeletal Anatomy video.

The horse video is about 3 hours.  The Dog video is about 2 hours.

These are the same animal chiropractic techniques used by professional animal chiropractors worldwide.  Each video shows you step-by-step how to perform each move and evaulation.

Dr Daniel Kamen, D.C. demonstrates, step-by-step, how to perform over 36 different horse chiropractic moves, including the Pre-race-adjusting sequence, that can shave fractions off the time by improving joint mobility.

The flash drive also contains written material that describes an effective technique for canine bladder control and how to prevent canine hip dysplasia.  

Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C. is the author of "The Well Adjusted Horse," "The Well Adjusted Dog," and "The Well Adjusted Cat."

Over 150,000 copies of the these books have been sold worldwide.




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Horse and Dog Chiropractic Videos. International Orders.

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