Thermal Imaging Camera. $175.00. Closeout Sale. (Reg $205)
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Closeout sale. $175.00 Regular price $205.00.  Only 5 left as of 1-3-23.  No more after they're all sold.

Basic thermal imager.  Great for the low price. Reliable temperature readings for most needs.

Compare:  Why pay $900.00 to $2,000?  Similar thermal imaging cameras cost hundreds more.  Ours does a great job for the low price of $205.00 plus $15.00 shipping.  Look at the pictures.  All of the images you see here, both thermal and regular pictures, were taken with this imager by myself and from one of our customers who is a professional horse trainer.

Technique tip:  If you're using our imager and taking a thermal image of an animal, such as a horse or dog, it's best to take the thermal image in a mostly dark barn or room.  That way you don't have interference from any other heat source.  The purpose of a thermal imager is to record heat patterns, not light. It can do that in dark rooms.

Some of the much higher priced thermal imagers with a higher resolution that cost $900.00 and up, do have more features than ours, and take sharper images. But for the low price of ours, you get a reliable thermal imager that suits the needs of most of our customers.  You'll also see two temperature readings in real time--the warmest spot of the image and the coolest spot.  Body temperature readings when held close to the skin.  You just can't beat it for the money. 

High quality, low cost thermal imaging camera used by veterinarians and pet/horse owners to detect areas of increased heat (legs, hips, spine).  This is not sold as a diagnostic or therapy tool, simply as a heat detector.  Always consult with a licensed veterinarian before using any device or therpy on your pet or horse.  Animal and industrial use only.  Not to be used for any human condition or test whatsoever.


I can recommend this book (click here) on equine thermal imaging.

YouTube video demo of the Thermal Imaging Camera.



Warmth From Horse's Legs.


Heat from coffe cup.  Red heat image and black and white.


Heat from a hot water pipe and drain under a bathroom sink.


Thermal and regular image of a horse's foot.



Thermal and regular image of a horse's front legs.


Thermal and regular image of a horse's back side and tail.

Note:  These images were taken in a dark barn for best results.


Thermal Imager, by Vetrolaser LLC.  This affordable thermal imager camera combines surface temperature measurement and real time imaging.  The thermal imager is effective in converting thermal radiation images into visible light images.  It is mainly used for building diagnostics, industrial leak detection, and electromechanical testing.  I like using this imager to detect excess heat around joints and muscles when I'm working with a horse or dog.

Quick tip:  Some horse owners will take a thermal image of their horse when they're not in pain, then  take another thermal image on the day of the event for comparison.  Thermal images of the horse can be taken at various distances, even 5 to 10 feet away for a broad, general image.

Comes with a lithium-ion battery already installed. 3.7V. 2600mAh.

 An 8GB TF card to store images which can be edited on your computer. 

USB cable.

Carrying bag with zipper.



Technical information:
Thermal imaging resolution.   32*32 (1024 pixels)
Display resolution: 320 * 240 pixels.
Electronic shutter.  No. 
Visible light camera.  2 megapixels.
Display resolution.  Thermal imaging, thermal mixing, digital camera.
Infrared spectral bandwidth.  8-14 um.
FOV.  33 degree horizontal.
IFOV.  18 mrad.
Thermal Imaging sensitivity. 150mk
Frank rate. < 9Hz
Image format.  BMP
Automatic shutdown function.  Yes. 
Emissivity.  Adjustable 0.1-0.99. 
Device size: LxWxH.  60X120X210mm.

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Thermal Imaging Camera. $175.00. Closeout Sale. (Reg $205)

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