Thermal Imaging Camera. $195.00
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Compare:  Why pay $600.00 to $4,000.00?  Similar thermal imaging cameras cost hundreds and even thousands more.  Ours does a great job for the low price of $195.00 plus $15.00 shipping.

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High quality, low cost thermal imaging camera used by veterinarians and pet/horse owners to detect heat and inflammation (legs, hips, spine).  This is not sold as a diagnostic or therapy tool, simply as a heat detector.  Always consult with a licensed veterinarian before using any device or therpy on your pet or horse.  Animal and industrial use only.  Not to be used for any human condition or test whatsoever.


YouTube video demo of the Thermal Imaging Camera.



Thermal Imager, by Vetrolaser LLC.  This affordable thermal imager camera combines surface temperature measurement and real time imaging.  The thermal imager is effective in converting thermal radiation images into visible light images.  It is mainly used for building diagnostics, industrial leak detection, and electromechanical testing.  It is also used by horse and dog owners to detect joint and muscle inflammation.  This is valuable information in determining if a horse or dog should enter the event or rest and possibly receive veterinary treatment.

Comes with a lithium-ion battery already installed. 3.7V. 2600mAh.


An 8GB TF card to store images which can be edited on your computer.


USB cable.


Carrying bag with zipper.




Technical information:


Thermal imaging resolution.   32*32 (1024 pixels)


Electronic shutter.  No.


Visible light camera.  2 megapixels.


Display resolution.  Thermal imaging, thermal mixing, digital camera.


Infrared spectral bandwidth.  8-14 um.


FOV.  33 degree horizontal.


IFOV.  18 mrad.


Thermal Imaging sensitivity. 150mk


Frank rate. < 9Hz


Image format.  BMP


Automatic shutdown function.  Yes.


Emissivity.  Adjustable 0.1-0.99.


Device size: LxWxH.  60X120X210mm.

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Thermal Imaging Camera. $195.00

Price: $195.00
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