Three Cold Laser Set.  Ultimate Package. $915,00
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The Vetrolaser FULL Package Comes With Everything.  All 3 of our lasers plus goggles.

You Save $315.00 By Buying The Full Package.  Complete Laser Set.
The main difference between the full package set (this one below) and the $665.00 Vetrolaser package is our six diode red laser plus a larger laser case.  The six diode red laser covers a wide area for faster treatment time. 
All of our laser packages come with a single diode red laser which treats the same conditions as the six diode red laser.  Veterinarians like the six diode red laser since it saves them time treating large surface areas and multiple patients.
An infrared laser, such as the three diode 808nm/300mW laser, can penetrate tissue up to 2 inches and is ideal for treating tendons, muscles, and joints.  The red lasers penetrate 1 cm and are ideal for treating wounds, wire cuts, or anything on the skin.
1.  The Three Diode Vetrolaser (808nm/300mW)
2.  The Six Diode Red (650nm/5mW) Red Wound Laser.  Rechargeable
3.  A single Diode Red(650nm/5mW) Acupuncture laser.
4  One Pair Of Safety Goggles.
5.  Two Extra Batteries.
6.  Two Chargers (one for each rechargeable laser)
7.  Professional Carrying Case
8.  Dr. Kamen’s Horse and Dog Chiropractic Technique videos on a flash drive.
9.  User Manual.
10. Acupuncture Treatment Formulas, Charts, and Points.
11.  30 Day Money Back Guarantee
12.   Two Year Product Guarantee.
13.  This package, also comes with the complete equine chiropractic technique workbook plus diagrams on the flash drive. Canine chiropractic techniques for hip dysplasia and bladder control.
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Three Cold Laser Set. Ultimate Package. $915,00

Price: $915.00
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