Two Of The $595 Packages. No Goggles.  $1035.00
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Get two laser packages and save!   Each laser package comes with 2 infrared, deep penetrating Vetrolasers, 2 equine chiropractic videos on a flash drive, 2 acupuncture lasers, 2 canine chiropractic videos on a flash drive, 2 professional carrying cases, 2 instructional manuals, two chargers and 2 Li-ion batteries (3.7v, 1800mAh), and 2 instructional CD’s.  Bonus! Two of the complete equine chiropractic technique workbook plus diagrams on the flash drive. Canine chiropractic techniques for hip dysplasia and bladder control. Each laser comes with a full 2 year guarantee and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Plus you’re saving $155.00!   Plus you get twenty pages of acupuncture charts and treatment forumulas. You also get two extra batteries.  A total of 4 batteries.  Lots of cold laser information.

Includes the following:
  • Cold Laser (Vetrolaser) Three 808nm diodes/300mW (infrared).
  • External Recharger With Two 3.7 Volt, 1800mAh, Li-ion Batteries.  Laser uses one battery.  One spare.
  • 10 page instruction manual.
  • Two animal chiropractic technique videos on a flash drive (horse & dog).
  • BONUS - Equine Skeletal Anatomy videos on a flash drive.  Goes great with the horse technique DVD.
  • Single wand acupuncuture red laser (635nm/5mW).
  • Bonus-Twenty pages of acupuncture treatment formulas and charts.
  • Item #: 7654298

Two Of The $595 Packages. No Goggles. $1035.00

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