Two Of The $665 Packages With Goggles.  $1135.00
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Get two complete laser packages, which also includes two pair of safety glasses.  These safety glasses protect the eyes from both the red and infrared lasers sold on this website.  This laser package comes with 2 equine chiropractic DVD’s, 2 canine chiropractic videos on a flash drive, 2 professional carrying cases, 2 instructional manuals, 2 sets of acupuncture treatment points, charts, and formulas, 2 chargers and 2 Li-ion batteries (3.7v, 1800mAh). Bonus! Two Equine Skeletal Anatomy Videos on a flash drive.The complete equine chiropractic technique workbook plus diagrams on the flash drive. Canine chiropractic techniques for hip dysplasia and bladder control.   Each laser comes with a two year guarantee and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Great laser glasses!  You also get two extra batteries.  Save $195.00.
The two lasers that come in each package are the three diode 808nm/300mW rechargeable laser and a single want 650/5mW acupuncture laser.
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Two Of The $665 Packages With Goggles. $1135.00

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