Two Of TheThree Cold Laser Packages. $1635.00
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This is two of our three cold laser sets (regular price is $915.00 each).  You save about $200 by buying two sets.

Each of the two sets includes the following:
1.  The three diode infrared 808nm/300mW Vetrolaser.  For treating deep tissues such as muscles, tendons and joints.  Rechargeable.
2.  The six diode red 650nm/5mW laser.  For treating large skin areas such as large wounds on a horse’s leg.  Rechargeable.
3.  The single diode 650nm/5mw laser.  For treating small skin areas and acupuncture points.
4.  A pair of safety goggles.
5.  Horse and dog chiropractic adjusting videos on a flash drive. The complete equine chiropractic technique workbook plus diagrams on the flash drive. Canine chiropractic techniques for hip dysplasia and bladder control.
6.  Professional carrying case.
7.  Two extra rechargealbe batteries.
8.  Two chargers.
9.  User Manual.
10. Laser protocols.
11.  Acupuncture treatment formulas, and charts (horse, dog, and cat).
12.  1 year warranty and 30 day money back guaranteee.
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Two Of TheThree Cold Laser Packages. $1635.00

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